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We are...

So welcome to ŠOPA! Welcome to recording studio Šopa!

Šopa studi is based in picturesque South Moravian village Lipov, in Czech Republic. The studio has long history regarding recording, mixing and mastering of wide range of musical genres (here are several samples). Studio has available the largest recording room within it´s cost category with a choice of three types of live rooms. We also cooperate with studio DIV8 ZUŠ in Veselí nad Moravou, so basically the recording possibilities for your projects are practically unlimited.

Supervised by specialists

Recording takes place supervised by specialists:

  • Valášek Stanislav
    15 years of active sound engineering activities, sound supervisor, former singer and clarinet player
  • Vavřík Martin
    active musician, keyboards of Sad Harmony

Based on our experience we believe we can advice and help your projects to get the best sound. Technical equipment is constantly being upgraded.

Who has recorded here

A lot of bands, musicians or ensembles have recorded their CD or promo-demo material here.

  • Dark Gamballe – CD Bonboniéra
  • Rudé Kostry
  • Sad Harmony – CD Somnambul
  • T!O!O!H! – CD Řád a trest
  • Melancholy Pessimism
  • Dying Passion – CD Sweet Disillusions, CD Relief (2007)
  • Animé - CD Cuts
  • Egotrip - CD Distance Unlimited
  • Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy – CD Relic Dances (cena Anděl 2004)
  • Six Degress Of Separation – CD Triotus, Tricephalus And Tribadism, CD Chain-driven Sunset (2007)
  • Cigánek Josef
  • Martin Škaroupka - demo snímek skupiny MANTAS [UK]
  • Malignant Tumour (2. místo Břitva 2005)
  • Flood
  • Bethrayer
  • Live Evil - CD Arctangel (2007)
  • Gride
  • Hudci z Kyjova
  • Musica Folklorica
  • Manželé Schulmeisterovi
  • Georgen
  • Master
  • Endless
  • Forrest Jump - CD Orgasmix (2007)
  • Free Fall - CD Garden Of Depression (2007)

and many more......

We have cooperated on..

Cooperation with Shaark studio:

  • Root – The Book (nominee of Anděl award1999) and Black Seal (nominee of Anděl award 2001)
  • Animé – Sky above the Wires (nominee of Anděl award 2003)
  • Dark Gamballe – Merizo Nanen (Winner of Břitva 2002), Superstar (nominee of Anděl award 2004)
  • Sad Harmony – Téte-á-téte (2nd position Břitva 2002)

and many more.....